I Love Crêpes: Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you see us in action?

With an event going on most weekends, particularly from April to December there are many public events that you can see us live in action and enjoy one of freshly made crepes.

Whilst we will travel far and wide over the UK to cater for private events, we generally limit our travels for public events to Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire.

We post some of our events that we will attend on our events page, but if they do not happen to be near you, let us know your location and we can highlight our nearest and next visit.

What experience do you have?

We have now been catering for over 8 years and this has seen us and our team cook quite a few crêpes to say the least. This has seen I Love Crêpes selected for food festivals around the England, by wedding coordinators and brides to be for their special occasion and also a growing list of corporate clients.


We have a limit on the number of events that we can manage in one go, which means that we have to politely say no to business on occasions; however much this hurts me to do so :-). Peak months are April to October and Saturday is usually our busiest day, so book in ASAP, so to not be disappointed.Pancake Day has also taken on another level. With repeat business from the same clients this further limits our availability around this time.

How far do you travel?

Thanks to our crêperie van and being based centrally in the Midlands it gives us the ability to go in all directions. Previous trips have seen us go as far North as Cumbria, East to Norfolk, South to Hampshire and West near Bangor in Gwynedd, Wales. It’s our ambition to take the crêpe adventures all over UK.  We  also love an excuse to get down to Devon with 2 events booked for the coming weeks alone.

Are there any limitations on where you can cater?

If there’s space and no limitation on using gas as a power supply we can practically set up our mobile crepêrie anywhere. The only limitation is our little legs as we would need to be within walking distance of where we can unload from our crêpe van.

To highlight we have catered at a range of locations from company offices, garage showrooms, university atriums, outside terraces, garden patios and glamourous settings off Trafalgar Square, London.

How many people can you serve?

1000+ as attendance of large corporate companies events and university balls testifies. We also specialise in cooking our delicious crepes for Indian weddings where numbers regularly are over 400.

What do you need to set up?

We like to think of ourselves as self-sufficient apart from an electric source when working inside (please see below) or lighting for outside, which we can also provide. For our crêpe station, tables, table clothes, the all-important griddles, disposable plates & cutlery are provided.

How much power do you need?

When working inside we use our electric griddles unless asked not to do so. For this we require a minimum of 26 Amps that is not diminished by any further electric devices on the electrical circuit. Generally a double socket has a 32AMP capacity, however, this should be confirmed with the location host or wedding coordinator prior to booking as we cannot take responsibility for lower capacity that make effect the running of the griddles.

We need to be within 11 m of a wall socket for 2 plugs. No extension leads can be used apart from our own as they will not be designed with the capacity requirements we need.

How much space do you need?

If you want us outside in our gazebo, then we need a 3m x 3m space. If inside, 2m x 2m is largely sufficient for our standard set up.

Can you cater outside?

Yes we can, whether this be within the confines of your marquee or under our gazebo or a sheltered terrace.

How much time do you need to set up?

We like to give ourselves plenty of time, so there is no needless rushing. 90 minutes will suffice for inside catering and 2 hours for outside. Considerations should be taken on parking, unloading and access points as these might impact our timings.

Can you personalise your set up to fit a theme?

We like to accommodate wherever possible, though this would need to be highlighted at time of booking. From using wedding decoration on our crêpe station or using your company branding for coporate functions.

What choices of fillings can we have?

We do not like to dictate the pancake menu, but have highlighted a couple of examples on the website and will highlight our main 3 menus in response to any enquiry. Feel free to mix and match these menus or request alternative fillings of which we can highlight whether we can cater for.

Do you meet all required health and safety standards?

Yes and above. All certification can be highlighted on request from public liability to food allergen awareness employee training we have it all. We are proud to say we have always achieved the maximum score on the food hygiene rating given by the local authorities and believe this is something that you should ask as a minimum requirement from your caterers.

Are crêpes going to be enough or do I need other foods alongside?

It really depends on numbers and the number of chefs you request. 2 chefs to every 100-200 guests is a suggestion.

Why choose I Love Crêpes?

Despite the relatively young looking pictures on our website there are a few extra grey hairs and maybe a wrinkle or 2 with 8 years’ experience under our belts since those photos were taken. Hopefully Amanda will not read this! We have a strong worth ethic and take pride in the responsibility we take in ensuring that our service is up to the level we would expect if we were the customer. We believe this reflects in our growing list of references.


Our pancake mixture is made from organic and free range ingredients whilst other companies may compromise on ready-made mix and preheated crêpes.

How much will the package cost?

There are a number of factors we take into account, including guest numbers, location and menu. So once we have got all the details including date to ensure availability we will endeavour to provide a quote ASAP.

Extra charges?

All prices are visible on your initial quote. On rare occasions parking fees and congestion fees will be added, but also highlighted. This may be typical of catering in the busy streets of London, but not always.

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