Environmental Responsibilities

Environmental Considerations & Responsibilities

We have always been very concious of our environmental impacts both on a personal and business level. We are not here to preach or judge, but where there are humans, there is consumption and this is going to have an impact in one way or another on the environment. Each day you cannot get through the news feed without seeing something related to our environmental impacts in one way and another.


We believe we are paying more than lip service with a number of actions below. On top of this as a small family business we have paid a significant figure to Cool Earth. So far this has seen 2,000 trees protected and 2,166 tonnes of carbon locked in.

As we have established ourselves we feel a responsibiltity to give something back. A small token that is passed on, on our customers behalf towards charities including the British Heart Foundation and Disaster Funds and is around £400 to £500 in recent years.

  1. Glass jar lids used by Emma Crafty Kids
  2. Plastic, glass and cardboard recycled.
  3. Wooden cutlery and paper plates & napkins.


Perhaps a watershed moment in 2018, the environment is high on peoples agenda and therefore more and more prominent behind peoples decision making on who they choose for their wedding or to represent their company.


Choose a company that values the environment, choose I Love Crêpes.