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Better known for our business of 9 years I Love Crepes, the current climate has unfortunately had a number of consequences for everyone. Witnessing the demand for baking products and the inability for shops to understandably meet this demand this is where we step in! We want to put quality ingredients together and to provide this in a safe and convenient way to your doorstep. We have had tremendous support with I Love Crepes over the years at local events and ask for your support once more with this new venture.


April 26th marked our first day in business. We started off with delivery to limited locations, but because of the heart warming demand we have increased this to a 10 mile radius of Ashby-de-la-Zouch on Fridays and Warwick on Saturdays. We hope to expand this further with your support in getting noticed, so please share this page or our any of social media posts. We are certainly going to refine what we do. More packages will be provided, but at this time we want to keep it simple, keep it professional and get you the baking ingredients you want in a safe and convenient way.

May seen us back where we belong out in the fresh air at the Warwick Market from 9am to 2pm with a number of precautions taken by ourselves and the organisers. They have requested contactless payments only at this stage.

We will also take BACS payments if provided

prior to 1pm on Friday for orders over £10 to allow a

click and collect service at the outdoor events we



Please see below for more details including our

packages and delivery service and share, share,

share. We know this is a good idea, but we cannot do

this without your help.


Thank you and keep safe,


Martyn, Amanda & Jamie & Ava x


P.S. I Love Crepes will be back and bookings are

being taken!


What you need to know


At the moment we know it can be difficult to get your baking ingredients, so we are putting them together in bundles for your convenience and enjoyment.

All prices are set at our delivery rates below. A £1.50 delivery charge will be added on the total amount for delivery orders. For when you see us out and about; at markets for example an additional £1 will be added to the scone and cake package and 50p to the bread and pancake bakery package. The reason for this is that our costs are a little more and there is no delivery charge of £1.50 which we add to those customers who order direct to their home in the Ashby area.

Scone Package: £5.50 (Base ingredients for approximately 16 small fruit scones or 8 large fruit scones)

400g of Self Raising Flour

100g Sultanas

250g Butter

1 tsp Baking Powder

3 tbsp Caster Sugar

You will require some milk.

With the addition of 227g of clotted cream & 750g Bonne Maman Strawberry Conserve this would be a total of £12.50.

Pancake Package: £5 (base* ingredients for 8 fresh pancakes)

400g of Plain Organic Flour

6 Free Range Eggs

Caster Sugar 100g

200ml Lemon Juice/ Toffee Sauce/ Small bag of marshmallows. The marshmallows will be provided unless stated otherwise.

Recipe to be included.

*You will need to add milk.


Optional: 1 kg Nutella Jar £5.50

This is around a months supply of Nutella if our family’s liking for it is anything to go by.

700g Cadbury Milk Chocolate  £4.

750g Bonne Mamam Strawberry Preserve £4.50


Cake Package: £5.50 (base ingredients for 1 cake or numerous cupcakes)

400g Organic Self-Raising Flour   We can provide Doves Gluten-Free Self-Raising as an alternative though require an additional £1.

6 Free Range Eggs

250g Butter

400g Sugar


Bread Package: £5 (base ingredients for 2 loaves)

1kg of Organic Strong White flour

20g of yeast.


Multiples of 6 free range eggs can be added to any package for just £2 (but cannot be ordered on their own)

To order we ask you to email We require name, address and number and which packages. There is no limit on quantity of packages. We will get back to you within 24 hours to confirm your order and will provide bank details for a BACS payment. We appreciate that there is a number of people with limited access to online banking, so will be willing to have a limited number of orders with a cash payment.

If it is a click and collect order please can you highlight this and target to pick up by 1.30pm. For this service to be viable if you miss us we would not be able to refund or offer a transfer.

Orders for delivery in the Ashby-de-la-Zouch area are every Friday.








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