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I Love Crêpes: pancake stand

The  idea of I Love Crêpes originated during our (Martyn & Amanda’s) holiday adventures. Having seen and tasted many, many delicious crêpes from mobile pancake stands, first in Venice and then in Malta, we realised the addictive qualities that made ourselves crêpes crazy, would be appreciated by many at home in England.


A special art made to look so easy by those chefs we watched so attentively.  We have mastered the art ourselves to provide our own twist to the crêpes we freshly cook and serve at many weddings, corporate events, birthdays etc. around the UK.

April 16th 2018 marked our seventh anniversary. When in Malta in 2010 when we truly considered taking the idea  forward, we could not have imagined the experiences we have enjoyed. From being able to share one of the most memorable, personable occasions in someones life at their wedding day to cooking 500 + crêpes for a number of crêpe hungry customers from university balls to corporate functions, we have truly been blessed and hope to continue this good work for many years to come.    #weloveourjob #welovecrepes

I Love Crêpes:

. Registered with North West Leicestershire Council 

. Hygiene inspection report: 5 stars out of 5 stars

. Food and Hygiene certified

. Gas Certified HACCP Plan

. Risk Assessment, Public liability insurance